The Final Land



In the Sci-Fi-London headquarters you can try out much Virtual Reality stuff...


arrived in london

Arrived in London and visited the headquarters of the SCI-FI-LONDON Film Festival - very nice people! Here we are with festival director and founder Louis Savy in front of the giant SFL19 smiley...


article at BFI's sight & sound

Wow, an article in the BFI's "Sight & Sound" film magazine! The author was allowed to see all films from Sci-Fi London in advance and counts "Das letzte Land" among his three favourite films of the festival. A quote:

"Adem’s nostalgic desire to return to their predecessors’ provenance (the legendary ‘Earth’) fights Novak’s insistence that they should “go further and further and deeper” towards the destination whose maddening siren call evidently led to their predecessors’s downfall. It is an existential question – head back or move on – and The Final Land, which confines itself mostly to the spaceship, becomes more and more about these two lost souls’ inner space, as they go on a conflicted quest for freedom, home, escape and mother."

Ganzer Artikel...!


today in liberec

Tonight at 20:00 you can see our film in Liberec - and that also means: Czech premiere! Many thanks to the crew of the Neisse Film Festival for choosing and showing our baby!

(Photo: Aleš Jungmann)


today in görlitz

Yesterday the Neisse Film Festival started, which takes place in the border triangle of Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic, and our film will be shown there twice. The first time will be today at 20:00 o'clock in Görlitz - the 13th time since its world premiere at the Max Ophüls Preis film festival that it will be shown on a big screen.

(Photo: Neisse Film Festival)


rivets on the poster - review

Our first american (and very positive) review has been published, by Mark Cole from Pennsylvania. An excerpt:

"The problem with any two-actor film is that the leads have to be able to carry the weight of the whole production on their shoulders — and Das letzte Land asks a lot of its two stars, who have to be raw and gritty; sweaty, filthy and unshaven; caught up in violent emotions and lost in moments of quiet wonder.  Torben Föllmer and Milan Pesl are both clearly up to the task and bring a lot of life to two starkly defined characters we learn very little about.


And this reflects the admirable subtlety of Marcel’s writing:  he avoids the screenwriting 101 error so many young filmmakers make when they force miles of overly complicated backstory on us.  Instead, so much of this film is suggested and hinted at — or left for the audience to ponder.  I particularly liked the way he defines his characters with two words, which in German carry a lot of deep, emotional meaning, 'Heimat' and 'Freiheit.'"


english film poster

Our english (and updated) film poster - printed and shipped to London in the meantime.


making the making-of

Currently all the spaceship construction footage is being watched and cut. This is gonna be nice!


neisse programme published

The Neisse Film Festival has published its programme. Our film (with the Polish title "Ostatnia ziemia" or the Czech "Poslední zem?"!) will be shown in the section "Deutsches Fenster" - on May 8 in Görlitz and on May 11 in Liberec (Czech Republic).



making the making of

Look closely. Our sound engineer Jan and director Marcel hide back there in the green...

Such shots from the time our film was made are currently being put together for a nice making-of-documentary. This documentary will then become the main bonus feature on the DVD or Bluray...

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