The Final Land

"The Final Land" is a German science fiction film about two lonely young men fleeing a desolate planet in a small old spaceship and searching for a new home in space.
The production was completely independent, financed by crowdfunding and stemmed by a small team of film enthusiasts. The construction of the spaceship scenery took one and a half years, the postproduction took another four. We only worked with practical effects (no CGI) and the sound world is completely based on sound recordings of real (and old) things. Stylistically, the film is based on the science fiction cinema of the late 70s and early 80s, and deals with themes like escape, freedom and the fate of our planet.

In January 2019 the film was premiered at the 40th Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis and was nominated for several awards. In February it was awarded "Best Sci-Fi / Horror Feature" at the Berlin Independent Film Festival. In May it was shown at the Neisse Film Festival in the border triangle Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and at the Sci-Fi-London Film Festival in London's West End. The Milan film festival Oltre lo Specchio - Festival dell'immaginario fantastico e di fantascienza awarded him the "Most Original Film" in June and at the SciFi Film Festival in Sydney, in September, he won the main prize as "Best Feature Film".

The next screenings will take place at the Filmfest Bremen (September 21st), and at Lund International Fantastic Film Festival (October 1st) in Sweden - see Events.

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