The Final Land



Oliver Kranz Filmmusik
Film composer Oliver Kranz came on board in 2017.
He helped creating the sound world of our film -
not only in terms of music, but also sound and mixing.




Only Sound

Paul Stähr and Felix Bachlinger from "Only Sound" in Berlin
have designed some very special sounds for us.




Titania Medien

Marc Gruppe and Stephan Bosenius „Titania Medien” are the producers
of some well-known radio play series, among them "Sherlock Holmes" or the "Gruselkabinett".
They became our first "Sponsoring Producers".





"Sponsoring Producers" Olaf Schröder and Thorsten Bölck
run the local advertising agency "Ö-Quadrat".



With „Alex & Verne”, Lars Immerthal not only consults companies in an innovative way,
but also supported us as a sponsoring producer.




 Bürgerstiftung Siegen
In our hometown film productions are very rare.
So we received quite enthusiastic support from the "Bürgerstiftung Siegen".






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