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new england premiere: done

Many thanks to everyone who attended and enriched our New England premiere yesterday evening at the Somerville Theatre in Boston - even though a little counter-event was broadcast on television at the same time... And thank you, all of you from the Boston Sci-Fi Fest, for this wonderful setting. We're very happy to be here and look forward to a few more rich festival days!


boston sci-fi starts tomorrow

Tomorrow three of us will set off for Boston Sci-Fi-Fest - we're curious what to expect! We even know some of the other filmmakers (and their films) from the Other Worlds Austin already! And nobody would have thought that we would meet again so soon. Our film will be shown on Sunday, February 9th, 9 pm, followed by a Q&A session...!


boston is near

Not long from now, our film will be shown at the Somerville Theatre in Boston, Massachusetts, at this year's Boston Sci-Fi-Fest: February 9, 9 pm!


invitation from miscifi

Unbelievable: The Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival will also show our film. After Austin and Boston this would be the third film festival in the USA and the fourteenth overall for us. This time, we got the confirmation by phone - classically exciting.

Program and festival dates have not been fixed yet, but it's going to be in March already...


making the making-of

Our making-of feature is taking shape... From many, many hours of raw material, collected from various sources (and cameras), the film on the film is currently being made - including a score and an off screen commentary.

First of all, as a bonus feature the documentary will be included on the DVDs and Blurays for the Crowdfunders, and then it will be available for all other uses as well...



Today, Marcel spent the whole day working on the subtitles that will one day be available on DVD/Bluray. There were 652 English subtitles processed (thanks to Frank Bongiovanni from Münster, born in New York City, for your work!) and another 652 Italian ones (very good that we have them - thanks to Stefano Locati from Milan!) Then (for the sake of completeness) German ones were created AND of course German ones for the hearing impaired. There were a few less at first, because the logbook entries are already German. But then there came more, because "noises" were added, like *storm*, *dull steps* or...  *explosion*! Correct reading, explosion...


contribution at boston scifi

2020 is off to a good start! We have an invitation from the Boston Science Fiction Film Festival, the oldest international genre film festival in America (this year they will be 45 years old). From February 7th to 17th, about one hundred short and long science fiction films will be shown - and ours will run on February 9th, at 9 pm, as one of 6 films from Europe. So this would be our "New England Premiere", elsewhere we have already read "East Coast Premiere".

So there is no time to take a deep breath, all preparations are already underway, the hard disk with the film is already in the mail and the program on the Boston website is already online...!


2019 throwback

In 2019 our film was shown at 12 very different film festivals, half of them in Germany, the other half in England, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Australia and the USA. We were able to bring home five awards, there were 10 very gratifying reviews and countless conversations and encounters. And if you also include the three special events at the Viktoria Kino and the screening in Denmark, there were a total of 25 screenings - with about 2200 viewers.


awarded the "best feature production design"

We are among the winners of the Parsec Awards of the Other Worlds Film Festival in Austin, Texas! "BEST FEATURE PRODUCTION DESIGN" for our old core team Johannes Bade, Marcel Barion, Massimo Müller and Philipp Bojahr - and their work in world construction, i.e. equipment, costume, models, other miniatures and of course spaceship scenery!

Here the official list of award winners!



back again - best festival

We're back home - and happy to say, that Other Worlds Austin 2019 was a vibrant experience! This was really a dedicated and very well organized festival crew - you see most of them in the picture: Reid Lansford, Eric Harrelson, Tessa Morrison, Jordan Brown, Robyn Paxman, Dan Repp und Debbie Cerda.

Very good programming, just the right kind of cinema, many events and opportunities to get together, and then of course many people who attended, filmmakers and movie buffs, all of them nice and intriguing characters. At this point many thanks and greetings to the "Diner's group" (other picture): Phillip and Chloe Carroll ("The Honeymoon phase") and Blaise Hossain, Brian Silverman and Aleem Hossain ("After We Leave")!

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