The Final Land


thanks filmfest bremen

This is what it looked like yesterday in the "Great House" of the beautiful Schauburg Bremen. We're glad to have been part of the festival. Thank you very much for everything, you dear people from Filmfest Bremen!


the film's on

Always nice to see, such a program board... :)


filmfest bremen is running

The Filmfest Bremen is now in full swing. And tonight at 10 pm our film will be shown in the Schauburg Bremen! On the picture you can see Massimo and Johannes, without whom there wouldn't have been a spaceship and not even a universe (the real one would have been of course, but not ours...).


on the way to bremen

Short stopover at our set designer Massimo in Münster - his French bulldog Amy, not unlike the Bremen pug, still had to approve the brand new postcards! And then, after a short breather, Massimo and our producer Johannes will go on to the Filmfest Bremen...


filmfest bremen - pug ahead

Look! A space pug with... uh... laurel antlers! A quite promising herald for the Filmfest Bremen! On Thursday it starts and we're better prepared for everything... ;) Our film runs on Saturday evening (September 21st) at 22 pm in the Schauburg Bremen ("Großes Haus") with Q&A session afterwards - late, so that you can let the film sink in the best possible way, so the people of Bremen. Here you can buy tickets!

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participation at lund international fantastic film festival

Moving on! We announce our participation at the Lund International Fantastic Film Festival in Sweden! You could already see it on yesterday's festival trailer, there are four indicative snippets in it...

The screening in Lund and our Swedish premiere will take place on October 1st. Here you can find the complete festival program.

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Who'd have guessed? Our film has been awarded BEST FEATURE FILM in Sydney! That was the main prize of the festival... long title: MARY SHELLEY BEST FILM AWARD. We thank and bow! It really couldn't have gone any better...


reactions from sydney

Yesterday our film was shown in Australia for the first time!

According to the festival team, about 100 people saw our film, which is a lot when you consider that it was a foreign-language, subtitled 113-minute film. We are also happy about first feedback, here for instance from a viewer via Facebook:

"I just watched 'Das Letzte Land' and love it! It is the 3rd film I’ve watched tonight in the festival but the best one!
I like the slow pace of storytelling and how it gradually builds the emotional connections with the two characters. I also like many of dialogues, short sentences, minimum words, but full of deep meanings and philosophic thinkings. My heart was tightly grabbed from the beginning to the end."


australia premiere today

A look at the programme table of the Event Cinema, George Street in Sydney! Three hours until the Australian premiere...

Sent by SciFi Film Festival programme director Simon Foster - unfortunately we are not there ourselves.


goethe-institut australien offering free tickets

Australians watch out! The Goethe-Institut Australien is giving away 10 tickets for the two German contributions to this year's SciFi Film Festival in Sydney, which will be "A Living Dog" and our film "The Final Land".

"To get in the draw to win one of 10 double passes for each movie, email with the words GOETHE FINAL LAND or GOETHE LIVING DOG in the subject header before 4 September 2019."

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