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other worlds poster

You look at that: The poster of this year's Other Worlds Film Festival in Austin, Texas. Designed by Lauren Kitching (Kaleidokitch). It's retro sci-fi, basically like our film, only here it's not the early 80s that are invoked, but the 20s. This really has to be the best place for our North American premiere...


north american premiere in sight

With spaceships in our stomach, we announce that our North American premiere is now coming! The setting: The Other Worlds Film Festival, December 5th to 8th, in Austin, Texas, "Geek Capital of the World" (this is what the website says)...! The program includes 18 films, five from Europe, one from Siegen... ;-) We are very happy and thank the festival crew for the unexpected acceptance!



danish premiere in december

Now our Denmark premiere is on the horizon: Our film will be shown in Copenhagen on 6 December at 10 pm - this time not as part of a film festival, but as part of the monthly scifi film series "Sci-Fridays", organised by the Empire Bio cinema. And the programme looks good! On today's "Sci-Friday", for example, Claire Denis' "High Life" will be shown...


thx filmz

Here we are, together with Lorenz Wurdinger and Lukas Dominik from FILMZ - Festival des deutschen Kinos (Festival of german cinema) in front of the beautiful cinema Capitol in Mainz - sometime in the night from 2. to 3.11. - happy about a well attended screening and a rich Q&A. Many thanks for everything to the whole FILMZ team!


screening + Q&A at filmz in mainz

That was a good evening yesterday at FILMZ, the screening was very well attended despite the late hour, the cinema really beautiful, old and spacious. Most of the audience also attended the Q&A - we were there with five people: Main actor Torben Föllmer, assistant director Carolin Utsch, composer Oliver Kranz, production designer Philipp Bojahr and director Marcel Barion.

It was also nice to finally meet our logo designer Danilo Vogt in person, who designed the fictitious logo for the fictitious company "Novocosm", which can be seen here and there in the film - flickering on computer screens or embroidered on the ship's overalls...


filmz go

FILMZ has begun.

Our screening takes place on November 2, at 22 pm in the cinema "Capitol". We take part in the feature film competition and should probably bring the only (long) genre film to the festival - there is a completely different programme than at the gory Razor Reel. Here's the program!

With several crew members we will be present and of course offer a Q&A round again - for after the film. So who lives not far from Mainz... see you on Saturday!


thanks razor reel

We had some very good days in Bruges! Thanks a lot, (from left to right) Joke Ruysschaert, mastermind Patrick Van Hauwaert, Jordy Vmt and Raf Geusens for your work and the platform you gave our film - and of course for good conversations, Belgian beer and Razorreel spaghetti!


bruges and films

Wonderful setting for our Belgian premiere here at the Razor Reel in Bruges! Not only because of the city, but also because of the dazzling program - yesterday after our film we saw the bloody "Come to Daddy" with Elijah Wood and now we have "Ghostbusters"!


belgian premiere

Bruges is really great! And our Belgian premiere at the Razor Reel Flanders Film Festival is now over, with a very lively Q&A session after the screening. Many thanks to our host Jordy for the nice panel!


razor reel begins

Today the Razor Reel Flanders Film Festival begins in the beautiful city of Bruges and our film is nominated for the Young Blood Award - have a look at page 13 of the festival catalogue! The screening, which is also our Belgian premiere, will take place on Saturday (26.10.), at 15:30 (!

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