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participation at berlin sci-fi filmfest

Very nice! After Bruges (Razor Reel Flanders Film Festival / 24.-29.10.) and Mainz (FILMZ - Festival of German Cinema / 1.-8.11.) comes Berlin again: At the end of November the Berlin Sci-Fi Filmfest will take place and we will be there - (again!) in the wonderful cinema BABYLON! On you can inform yourself already...


diabolique magazine review

Amazing review by Joseph Perry, who saw our film at this year's Lund International Fantastic Film Festival (Diabolique Magazine):

"...Föllmer and Pesl are both superb in this two-hander, which naturally relies heavily on the actors to carry the weight of the film. Föllmer portrays Adem with a sort of reserved, optimistic melancholy, while Pesl invests his brusque alpha male with a manic obsessiveness.

Writer/director/cinematographer/editor Marcel Barion — who also did the breathtaking visual effects, which include gorgeous shots of outer space — creates a tense, claustrophobic setting within the spaceship, aided greatly by Massimo Muller’s masterful set design. The controls have a decidedly retro feel to them, and though there seems to be barely any room to move around inside the spacecraft, it is full of mazes of wires, as well as cryptic surprises. Barion and Oliver Kranz’s sound design is superlative, with each swipe of something dusty or dingy giving off sounds that practically make you feel the decay and squalor. The Final Land, a bold feast for the senses, is a mesmerizing journey that pits the wills and minds of two men against each other, themselves, and enigmatic outside forces."

(Ganze Review)


razor reel - program

On the poster of this year's Razor Reel Flanders Film Festival you will find, if you take a closer look, the skeletons of all sorts of fantastic to horrible characters right across the history of film... And so is the programme. Besides latest movies like ours (running on 26.10.) you can also see "Mad Max" (1979), "Ghostbusters" (1984) or even "Attack of the 50 Foot Woman" (1958)... We will be there in any case! All movies at a glance can be found at:


participation at razor reel flanders film festival

Well, it remains exciting: We are part of the Razor Reel Flanders Film Festival in Bruges! The Flemish Genre Film Festival takes place from 24th to 29th October, before Mainz, and belongs, just like the LiFFF in Lund, to the Méliès International Festivals Federation. Only here, our film is nominated for the "Young Blood Award" along with five other films! More infos will follow. :)


This year's "FILMZ - Festival des deutschen Kinos" ("Festival of German Cinema") about its feature film category:

"This year's competition films show spaces as living settings for cosmic struggle and dramatic intrigues, for young and growing but also tragically ending love and for false, fleeting and intimate friendship. They show people and what makes them special in the places of their lives". ( / translated)
DAS LETZTE LAND is really a "spatial film" - in various respects - and it is actually about friendship, however fleeting it may be... We are looking forward to its discussion in Mainz!


participation in FILMZ

Today we announce our participation in this year's FILMZ - Festival des deutschen Kinos (Festival of German Cinema)! In less than one month, on 2.11., our film will be shown at CAPITOL in Mainz as one of six feature films in the competition for the "Mainzer Rad"! It's wonderful to be selected there. We are very much looking forward to it.


swedish premiere in lund

"...a scrappy sci-fi indie that conjures a lived-in atmosphere so authentic you’ll mistake the darkness of the movie theater for the oppressive vastness of space swirling all around these lonesome protagonists."

Today our film will be shown in Sweden for the first time and the 25th Lund International Fantastic Film Festival is really the best possible setting for that! The venue is the Cinema Kino in Lund and the curtain opens at 5 pm...

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participation at lund international fantastic film festival

And now the next event is coming up, a very special one: This year's Lund International Fantastic Film Festival started today - we are very happy to participate in one of the 25 members of the Méliès International Festivals Federation!

Our screening will take place on 1 October...

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thanks filmfest bremen

This is what it looked like yesterday in the "Great House" of the beautiful Schauburg Bremen. We're glad to have been part of the festival. Thank you very much for everything, you dear people from Filmfest Bremen!


the film's on

Always nice to see, such a program board... :)

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