The Final Land


most original film


We are pleased to announce that our film was awarded MOST ORIGINAL FILM at the closing event of the Milan film festival Oltre lo specchio - Festival del fantastico e della fantascienza last night (ex aequo with THE POOL by Ping Lumpraploeng). Grazie mille to the jury, consisting of Luisa Ceretto (Bologna Cinemateque), Paolo Nizza (Sky Italy) and Emanuele Sacchi (Film Tv magazine), for this appreciation!


first italian review

Our first italian review was published on June 8th at CineClandestino - and is very positive! :) Here is a translated excerpt:

"Even though you've seen many reduced space adventures before, the confrontation between the two main characters keeps you in suspense, as do all the secrets that run through the story [...]. The Final Land has managed to master the problems you face when working in this genre [...]. Barion finds visual solutions that do not undermine the credibility of the story and the scenery. And all this without CGI and those more or less special effects that usually occur in productions of this kind and quickly disappoint. Here you can breathe the air of fine craftsmanship and that's what we liked the most. You feel an inventiveness like in those days when imagination and talent [...] made the difference".


ciao oltre lo specchio

Our contribution to the Oltre lo specchio - Festival del fantastico e della fantascienza was a pleasant experience. Many thanks to Monica Battaglia, who did a great job as our interpreter (english/italian), and of course to festival director and Oltre lo specchio mastermind Stefano Locati - thanks a lot for choosing, screening and discussing our film. Send kind regards to the rest of your crew!


talk about no budget filmmaking

On the terrace of the Museo Interrativo del Cinema in Milan, there is a nice roundtable today with Johannes, Marcel and the Israeli filmmaker Ran Slavin, moderated by the italian film critic Davide Dubinelli. Very cordial, very exciting!


italian premiere now

Today our film was shown for the first time in an Italian cinema - which means: Italian premiere! On the pictures we're in hall 2 of the Milan Cinema Arcobaleno and get the audience in the mood for our film - together with festival director Stefano Locati. By the way, there were also two guys from Brachbach, directly from our homeland - hard to believe, but true!


oltre lo specchio

Next week, on 7 June at 19:30, the Italian premiere of our film will take place in Milan's Cinema Arcobaleno, at the newly founded Oltre lo specchio - Festival del fantastico e della fantascienza. And not only that. The Final Land is taking part in the Cine Futures competition and is in the race for various prizes...! We will definitely be there!

There is also a festival trailer now, with three short shots from our film:


italian premiere in sight

After Britain there will be Italy! We have been included in the programme of the Oltre lo specchio - Festival del fantastico e della fantascienza, which will take place from June 5th to 12th in Milan. So in less than two weeks our film will celebrate its Italian premiere!


uk premiere

In the evening the curtain finally opens for our UK premiere at the Prince Charles Cinema in London. The hall is filled with people of the lively kind - the Q&A session is accordingly lively and even after the screening there is still a lot of good feedback, nice encounters and good conversations. A wonderful evening!


today in london

Today is the day - at 8:30 pm in Londons Prince Charles Cinema: The Final Land, UK premiere at the SCI-FI-LONDON, with Q&A after the screening.


pcc weekly listings

Cry Baby, Dr. Strangelove, Batman, Batman Returns, Wild Strawberrys, Schindlers List...

At the Prince Charles Cinema the SCI-FI-LONDON-films are in quite good company.

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