The Final Land


approval from FILMFEST BREMEN

We're part of this years Filmfest Bremen! Only two weeks after our participation at the Sci-Fi-Film Festival in Sydney, our film will now also be shown in the "city of short distances": 21 September, 10 p.m., Schauburg Bremen. And on top of that we take part in the competition in the category "Innovation". Accommodation is already booked!

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We had a great time at this year's SoundTrack_Cologne. Marcel and Oliver, who set our film to sound and music together, spoke in their panel with composer Hansjörg Kohli about our film, its sound design and score, showed film clips and also presented the everyday egg slicer, which they used to create some crazy sound effects.

SoundTrack_Cologne is an annual conference in Cologne focusing on music and sound in film, computer games and other media.


"ALIENS WELCOME!" opening day

Yesterday the "Aliens Welcome!" event series started and we were there. An exhibition on the german sci-fi phenomenon "Perry Rhodan" was opened and there was a live sci-fi audio play with german actor Charly Hübner. Apart from the program it was a very, very nice spot! Our film will be shown here in February 2020, as one of the last program items.

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"'new wave' of german sci-fi auteurs emerging"

Less than two weeks more, then our film will have its Australia premiere at the SciFi Film Festival in Sydney! Today the festival has lost a few special words about his two (!) film contributions from Germany - yes, there are actually two. And by chance the other film "A Living Dog" was also (!) produced in North Rhine-Westphalia. Sometimes things happen...

They wrote:

"Having it’s Australian Premiere on Friday 6th at 8.30pm will be Marcel Barion’s The Final Land, a tense drama about two men (played by Torben Föllmer and Milan Pesl) philosophically at odds yet thrown together in an escape craft fleeing into deep space."

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aliens welcome!

This weekend the event series "Aliens Welcome!" starts with all kinds of science fiction from NRW - a project of the "LWL-Literaturkommission für Westfalen" and the cultural estate Haus Nottbeck in Oelde. Mostly this means literature, but purely coincidentally there is also one film in the offer... plus a Q&A session with the makers, i.e. us. It's only towards the end of the series, on 29.2.2020, but if someone already wants to make a note of that... You can find the complete, very nice program here:

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It won't be long before SoundTrack_Cologne! Oliver and Marcel, who have set our film to music and sound in close collaboration, will meet in a panel with composer Hansjörg Kohli and talk about everything that had to be done to create the sound world of a two-hour no-budget science fiction film. Look forward to it! On 30.8. at 16:30 in Cologne.

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scifi film festival

A look at the schedule of this years SciFi Film Festival in Sydney: Our film will close the opening night (September 6th 2019).


thank you space ship model

After many, many test runs, the probably final prototype for the small crowdfunding thank you spacecraft model was printed in 3D - based on a 3D scan of our original spacecraft model.

Next, the structure is freed from all supporting material, then primed and painted as a test. If it will turn out well, which we are currently assuming, then we will go into "mass production".

By the way, this is made possible by the more than friendly support of Fab Lab Siegen. Because they can do a lot - for example 3D printing.


THE FINAL LAND at genre filmmaker's podcast

By Genre Filmmakers - For Genre Filmmakers! Our film opens the new podcast by Marc-Ferdinand Körner (emefka.bewegtbildmanufaktur): #GenreFilmemacherDeutschland:

One day, at the Max Ophüls Preis film festival, we came together with Marc and his recording device and talked extensively about our film project. That became so much that it was now enough for a double episode. Episode 1 is already audible.

On Facebook he calls "The Final Land" his "Surprise film of the Year 2019"! And he even writes that through our project he could "regain confidence in the German film industry". He writes about our director, "he is exactly the epitome of filmmaking as I love it and would like to be - with a lot of heart and without billions of subsidies he produces an incredibly good genre film in feature length!" Well, if those aren't even friendly words... Many thanks for that at this point, again!

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audio play half time

Over an hour of our audio play on the film is now finished. For some time now Marcel has been working his way through the film sound, shortening and tightening here and there, and writing, speaking and editing the narrator.

It's a nice job, because it's not just copying the story. Because it is told in a different medium, it also has a different effect.

Who knows if this would have happened if we hadn't also offered a audio play on the film as a thank-you option during crowdfunding? Most of our supporters will receive it at the end via download link.

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