The Final Land


sound making

For a few weeks now, sounds have been made. Because the original sound from the shoot isn't really enough for a decent movie sound.

All movements through the ship and all touches or uses of props and armatures - buttons, flaps etc. but also many things that actually don't exist - need their extra sounds, sometimes full, sometimes dull, sometimes near, sometimes far... And for this all kinds of objects are used, i.e. moved,  touched, turned, shaken, thrown, scratched, beaten etc.. - This is recorded, combined and edited and finally placed in the right place on the film.

And it goes well. Already more than 30 minutes are as good as finished and wait to be mixed with background sounds like humming or cockpit dueling.


visual part finished

This is what the whole film looks like in the editing program, without music or finished sound design, but with finished effects and finished pictures. He is now in the right stage for an internal screening. Soon our team will sit down to watch the film in its current state and to test how it already works (and to find last mistakes...).


color grading

The postproduction is probably not as spectacular as the space ship construction at that time, but just as time-consuming. Like color grading. Each picture is revised - different scenes need different light moods, color temperatures or "darkness levels ". And almost always single areas have to be treated separately (and these areas have to be accompanied by the movements of figures and camera) - here in the photo Adem's face is lightened (and "greened" because he is sitting in front of a green monitor). So it goes on a little bit every day...

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