The Final Land


making the making-of

Currently all the spaceship construction footage is being watched and cut. This is gonna be nice!


neisse programme published

The Neisse Film Festival has published its programme. Our film (with the Polish title "Ostatnia ziemia" or the Czech "Poslední zem?"!) will be shown in the section "Deutsches Fenster" - on May 8 in Görlitz and on May 11 in Liberec (Czech Republic).



making the making of

Look closely. Our sound engineer Jan and director Marcel hide back there in the green...

Such shots from the time our film was made are currently being put together for a nice making-of-documentary. This documentary will then become the main bonus feature on the DVD or Bluray...


neisse film festival

We are very happy to announce that we have received a confirmation from this year's Neisse Film Festival! So before London, our film will be shown in the border triangle of Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. Where and when exactly, we'll give it away soon!


uk-premiere in the west end

Now we know when and where our UK premiere will take place: Sunday, 19 May 2019, 8:30 PM.

And the venue is a big one: The Prince Charles Cinema in London's legendary West End!

Thanks to the Sci-Fi-London!


sci-fi-london film festival - poster

Nice poster of the Sci-Fi London Film Festival! We are very happy that we will show our film in such a friendly setting and in such a wonderful city. We don't know yet when and in which of the cinemas our film will be shown, but as soon as we have new information, we'll announce it here.


three successful special screenings in siegen

Everything went off successfully. Three times our film was shown in Dahlbruch, three times we were invited to exhibit props, costumes, models, photos and drawings in the foyer, three times most of the 714 spectators stayed for the Q&A round - and none of the Q&A rounds were similar to the others, each time different topics came on the table. So three times we could be very satisfied and we still are.
The one-on-one conversations, which came up again and again, were also very nice. There were new points of view, new ideas about the film, there were discussions about details as well as about the big picture, the whole. The story, the world, the meanings, the frankness and empty spaces in the narrative, the whole design, the way it was made, the methods, the production - in the end, everything was a topic at some point. After all, there's a question that's been asked every single time: Whether there will be a part II... :-)

Now we have to continue with the making-of and make various preparations for the upcoming festival in London...


accepted: sci-fi-london film festival

Great news: We have been accepted by Sci-Fi-London Film Festival! This will be our UK-Premiere and our first screening outside of Germany. The festival specializes in science-fiction cinema and will take place in the midst of may in London. Cheers!


"best sci-fi / horror feature"

The tiny but friendly "Berlin Independent Film Festival" is over and has now awarded our film in the category "Best Sci-Fi / Horror Feature" - of course with an emphasis on Sci-Fi! Who would have thought that - we are very happy!


our film at BIFF 2019

This was the ticket you got until yesterday evening at the lovely Berlin cinema Babylon when you wanted to watch our film. Of course we were also there ourselves and we were especially happy that most of the viewers were still sitting for the Q&A session after the film despite the advanced hour. Meanwhile we've returned to Siegen.

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