The Final Land


the final land at fancine

The "FANCINE - Fantastic Fim Festival of the University of Málaga" is the third festival of the "Méliès International Festivals Federation" (MIFF) that shows our film - in this year's edition in a virtual way. From 11th to 19th November you can watch "The Final Land" - limited to Spain - online. The program includes short and feature films, mainly new indie cinema, but also classics like "Brazil" or "Back to the Future".


spanish premiere

Our film has recently been included in the program of this year's "Fancine - Festival de Cine Fantástico Universidad de Málaga" in Andalusia - which will take place next week (which of course was very much on the brink of failure recently). But it's nice that it will work out now - corona style! This will be our Spanish premiere.


first NEW german reviews

Up to now we had mainly reviews from abroad, English and Italian-speaking - but now the German-language film critics seem to be "reactivating" - here are two excerpts from two reviews on "" and "":

"Celebrated at several festivals, this science fiction film is a chamber play that is carried by its claustrophobic mood, its intensity, its dense field of tension on melancholy and manic obsession. An impressive film that shows that science fiction with little possibilities but great vision is also possible in Germany."


"Influences from "2001" through "En attendant Godot" to "DAS BOOT" and the "Odyssey" (including the sirens) add up to an original story with an existential touch, in which everything fits: a manifesto of cinematic creativity, powerful and thrilling."



asian premiere at chuncheon filmfestival

The day before yesterday the Chuncheon Film Festival started in South Korea and as a European contribution "The Final Land" is part of it - our first (of two) screenings and therefore also our Asian premiere will take place today!

For their program the team around program director Dongyun Eddie Lee was especially interested in no-budget productions - and as you can see, also from Germany. The festival has been advertised extensively in the last weeks, also on South Korean television. We are very excited about the feedback!


asian premiere in south korea

Asian premiere coming up! Even before our theatrical release in Germany, our film will be shown at the "Chuncheon Film Festival" in South Korea quite soon! The festival with this year's motto "Safe and Futuristic" will take place from October 15th to October 18th, so already next week. We are very curious how it will be received!


german cinema launch ahead

Who would have thought it? We get a German theatrical release in selected cinemas! This is exciting and at the same time pleasant news. On the 3rd of December it begins! As soon as there are fixed dates, we will announce them here...!

There is also a new trailer here:


distribution for germany, austria and switzerland ahead

A very decisive news! The independent film label "Indeed Film", based in Cologne, Germany, will take over the distribution of our film for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. With this the film festival time bears fruit again - our film will soon be made available to a wider audience!
"Indeed Film" plans to release it on various media. Exactly which ones these will be (cinema, DVD, BluRay, TV, VoD...) you will find news here as soon as we know!


open-air-screening in our hometown siegen

Last wednesday our film was screened in our hometown Siegen for the first time - open air! It was a great experience watching our movie again in this very special atmosphere - on the top of the hill called "Siegberg" right by the castle! Many thanks to all the people involved in this warm and friendly evening - and many more thanks to the audience for coming, clapping and talking the film with us afterwards!

(photo credit: Irina Missal)


siegen premiere

Our film was produced in Siegen in North Rhine Westphalia, Germany - and now as it was shown at filmfestivals all around the world we will finally have a premiere in this, our very own town, where most of us come from. At the Siegen "open-air-kino" , on August 9th at 21:15, "Oberes Schloss", "Brunnenwiese"!

Tickets are now available on the homepage of the Siegen "open-air-kino" (and due to coronavirus only this way).

We are very excited about it and are also looking forward to a nice question and answer session after the film!


"limited crowdfunding edition"

The making-of sound is currently being mastered, the audio play and the soundtrack are ready, DVD/BD menus with chapter selection etc. are currently being designed... so we are only a few steps away from the day when we can finally hand over the "Limited Crowdfunding Edition" (very very limited, only for our supporters) to the pressing plant - it will be a special day... More about this soon!

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