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other worlds has begun

Tonight the Other Worlds Film Festival in Austin, Texas, finally began. And Caro and Marcel were there with jetlag! The launch film was "Dreamscape", the 35th anniversary screening, in a crowded and wonderful cinema with incredibly well padded seats - and a Q&A with director Joseph Ruben and author David Loughery, which was most of all funny.

Tomorrow our first screening will take place at 4:15 pm local time (11:15 pm in Germany)...


other worlds film festival + sci-fridays screening in denmark

We continue directly to Berlin. The Other Worlds Film Festival in Austin, Texas starts in a few days and the Copenhagen cinema Empire Bio shows our film this weekend in its Sci-Fridays series. So on 6.12. our North American premiere AND our Danish premiere will take place at the same time...!

In Austin there will be a second screening on 8.12. by the way. The program includes a wide range of sci-fi movies, mostly current productions, but also some old treasures.

One highlight will definetely be to meet Nicholas Meyer, whose "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country" happened to have a decisive influence on our film, especially concerning the prison planetoid Rura Penthe...


"outstanding german contribution"

Our film has been awarded "Outstanding German Contribution" at the Berlin Sci-Fi Filmfest 2019! And above that we even got a real physical (3D-printed) trophy - we are very happy, the whole crew!


berlin sci fi filmfest - screening + q&a

Today at 1 o'clock in the morning we really had one of our most lively and enthusiastic Q&A rounds! And even after that we had some nice conversations, outside the gates of the cinema Babylon, about the story as well as the way the movie was made. Thank you, visitors of the Berlin Sci-Fi Filmfest 2019 for your numerous appearances and your appreciation!


berlin sci fi - here we go

Greetings from the Berlin Sci-Fi Filmfest! Since this morning, the entrance area of the BABYLON cinema has been decorated with a German and an English Das letzte Land film poster. Some movies have been watched and we got to know the makers of A Living Dog. That was the other Sci-Fi film from NRW, which was shown in Sydney besides ours (director Daniel Raboldt is looking over Marcel's shoulder). Right now we are waiting for our screening. Start is at 22:45 o'clock. We are looking forward to the Q&A afterwards!


berlin, denmark, austin TX

Now we have two eventful weeks ahead of us... At the beginning of December our Danish premiere will take place at the Sci-Fridays in Copenhagen's Empire Bio and also, on the same weekend, our North American premiere at the Other Worlds Austin, Texas...
But now there's the Berlin Sci-Fi Filmfest (!) - in a few days it's already starting. And as you can see in the program, there will be a lot going on. Our screening is on 29.11., including a Q&A. We're very excited!


update: making of

For our "Making of" documentation, over 14 hours of raw material were collected at the beginning of the year. On many meticulous weekend assignments, these 14 hours have now been reduced to about 2. Next these 2 hours have to be shortened again and brought into an exciting order. There are historical insights into the spaceship construction, and especially funny ones into the shooting...
The documentary is supposed to be available as a bonus feature for home cinema (in any case on the crowdfunding thank you DVDs and blurays) and will probably be shown on a bigger screen sometime after the movie...


other worlds poster

You look at that: The poster of this year's Other Worlds Film Festival in Austin, Texas. Designed by Lauren Kitching (Kaleidokitch). It's retro sci-fi, basically like our film, only here it's not the early 80s that are invoked, but the 20s. This really has to be the best place for our North American premiere...


north american premiere in sight

With spaceships in our stomach, we announce that our North American premiere is now coming! The setting: The Other Worlds Film Festival, December 5th to 8th, in Austin, Texas, "Geek Capital of the World" (this is what the website says)...! The program includes 18 films, five from Europe, one from Siegen... ;-) We are very happy and thank the festival crew for the unexpected acceptance!



danish premiere in december

Now our Denmark premiere is on the horizon: Our film will be shown in Copenhagen on 6 December at 10 pm - this time not as part of a film festival, but as part of the monthly scifi film series "Sci-Fridays", organised by the Empire Bio cinema. And the programme looks good! On today's "Sci-Friday", for example, Claire Denis' "High Life" will be shown...

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